By Martin Barbre

President, NCGA

As our nation looks forward to another Independence Day celebration, for some it may be marred by rising gas prices that make that family drive to see fireworks a little more costly. In today’s economy, it’s terrible that we have to worry about things like this, but we do, thanks to the fact the upheaval across the world still hits our pockets at the pump.

AAA reports that the violence in Iraq is a big reason why drivers will be paying the highest gas prices since 2008. The fact is, even though we have made great strides in moving toward energy independence, with most oil we use now produced domestically, we’ve still got a long way to go when the time when one far-flung country’s political crisis doesn’t affect us.

And this is why it’s especially important not to backslide on our nation’s commitment to domestic, renewable biofuels like corn ethanol. The Environmental Protection Agency wants a 10 percent reduction in corn ethanol this year, and earlier this year nearly 200,000 people around the country demanded the EPA not cut the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Because it’s produced here in the United States, every gallon of ethanol blended into fuel means a gallon of gas from foreign oil that we don’t need. It provides a cushion in times such as these with Mideast violence and gives drivers a choice that helps clear the air and boost the economy.

Want to do all you can to help? You can take this one step further, too. Are you shopping for a new car or truck? Consider flex fuel. Do you have a flex-fuel car or truck? Make sure you fill up with E85. If it’s not available at your gas station, tell the manager to get it. One recent report showed great cost savings with E85 flex-fuel, an average of 61 cents nationwide.

Filling up with domestic, renewable ethanol is a great way to celebrate our great nation’s 238th birthday, and we at NCGA wish you all a memorable and safe holiday weekend.

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